Meet the Mass Effect Andromeda crew

mass effect andromedaBioware have released a new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda which gives us a good insight into who will be joining us on the Ark, travelling to the Andromeda system. So far, the video only introduces us briefly to the human characters, as we know there are Asari, Turian, Salarian and Krogan members on board too.

Alec Ryder is the first character mentioned, the one chosen as the Pathfinder who was involved in the first Mass Relay jump following human’s first discovery of the Prothean technology. He’s a skilled soldier with an N7 ranking and a great scientist.

He is joined by his two children, Scott and Sarah Ryder, who we will play as, depending on which one takes our interest. Then we have Liam, who is the crisis response guy on how to deal with difficult situations. Lastly, we have Cora Harper who fans are already really curious about, particularly because The Illusive Man’s surname was in fact, Harper… She’s a Biotic, who spent years training alongside Asari Commandos. She will surely kick some ass, I imagine.

Lastly we have SAM. SAM is Mass Effect Andromeda’s take on EDI, the Ark’s AI assistant who can remain in full contact with the team at all times, offering combat support, tactics and important data.

Another full trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda released yesterday, showing a further glimpse at the story. You can see that here, and look forward to the game on March 21st (US) and 23 (Europe).

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