MechWarrior Online Coming to Steam in December!

MechWarrior OnlineChristmas is coming, and nothing says “I <3 you” like a punch in the face from a big stompy 2 tonne mech! So luckily for those of you hoping to jump onto MechWarrior Online can look forward to seeing the game arrive on Steam!

It took some time to get here though, having released originally almost two years ago, but only 6 months ago the games European servers came online. The jump to Steam is a natural one, and should help boost their player count considerably, as well as bring back older players.

Developers Piranha Games announced the move on their website, but mostly said that they will be having a big party to celebrate the event, and are offering fans to join in!

Anyone interested needs to fill an application form and have it back by November 16th. After that, 50 applications are chosen and then an email invite is sent out to them. They will be given 6 days to book tickets to Vancouver and send back a copy of the receipt or the invite will go to someone else. Of course, if you live locally then you obviously won’t need to fly there, but the devs will ask for your address and method of transportation.

It’s great that MechWarrior Online is coming to Steam, and should tempt those that were interested as it will be in the same place as the rest of their games. The party sounds great too, and it’s fantastic that they are handing out invites to the players!

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