Massive DDoS attack disrupted multiple services yesterday

ddos attackYesterday, we reported that the PlayStation Network was having issues for a few individuals worldwide, but it may or may not have been the effect of a massive DDoS attack (distributed denial-of-service) that disrupted U.S. internet traffic on Friday, according to network security companies.

“Some of that traffic has been observed coming from botnets created with the Mirai malware that is estimated to have infected over 500,000 devices, according to Level 3 Communications, a provider of internet backbone services,” said website PC World.

They also add that “Friday’s attack is still ongoing, according to Dyn. Its engineers are trying to mitigate “several attacks” aimed at its infrastructure. The company has also reportedly said that the DDOS attacks are coming from “tens of millions of IP addresses at the same time,” but we can’t confirm if websites are still being affected this morning at the time of writing. Dyn is a provider of DNS servers for Sony’s PlayStation Network as well as some Xbox services.

Website Popular Mechanics claim that “It’s not computers, but devices from the so-called Internet of Things. We’re talking smart fridges, web cams, and DVRs. It may sound funny, being attacked by refrigerators, but don’t laugh. It’s actually horrifying.”

Websites and services confirmed as being affected yesterday are Twitter, Paypal and Amazon, with users in certain regions unable to access these services, which would have affected sales of products and services for many businesses too. PlayStation Network and even EA servers, on the launch day of Battlefield 1, were affected as well.

ddos attack friday

The DDoS attack targeted the east coast of the US, but any services taking advantage of servers in that location would have been affected. The U.S. government is  looking into the matter on a criminal basis, and the attack was even addressed by the White House!

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