Massive Address The Future of The Division

The DivisionOne of this year’s biggest victims to hype, The Division, will receive its biggest update this coming October in an effort to completely overhaul the system. The information about update 1.4 was announced in their weekly stream “The State of The Game” on Twitch today. We’ve detailed the plans right here.

Until now, 1.4 was basically the Survival update, but that has changed:

  • Update 1.4 will not include Survival; Survival will be a stand alone update that will be released later.
  • Update 1.4 will be released in October and will focus on bug-fixing and balancing before they move on to new content.
  • It will be released for The Division on all platforms at the same time.
  • Until 1.4 is released, they will continue with small bug fixes and hotfixes that will be depolyed during weekly maintenance.
  • In 1.4 they want to fix the whole system, address the big picture and since all issues are somewhat connected, they don´t want to fix a single issue at a time but make a general overhaul. That also means, that nothing is off limits, they are even willing to rework whole game-features to make the game a better experience.
  • The idea is not to rush out a new update, but to take the time that is needed to make it a good experience.

Planed fixes in 1.4

There are many things to fix like issues with Skills and bigger and smaller bugs that range from game-breaking to just annoying and some are even in The Division since launch.


They had a lot of internal discussions about the difference between pre 30 and post 30 NPC scaling, what the differences are and why the fights against 34 NPCs is so frustrating. The solution is not to just change health pools and weapon damages, they want to re-balance the whole system.


Loot should be relevant and better accessible, so that you can do the content you want and get a character progression. Also when you do a content on a specific difficulty you should get equipment for that difficulty so you can progress. This way you don´t have to get carried through challenge content to do it yourself later.

Confirmed 1.4 changes

Since they have more time for that update, they can also address issues that so far had lower priorities, because they had to address critical issues first. These are the so far confirmed quality of life changes that will be included in the 1.4 update:

  • Weapon Skins no longer use inventory space
  • Craft all button
  • Buyback option from vendors
  • Running in the Base of Operation

Involving the Community

1.4 will be a special update that will be developed in direct discussion with the community. This way they can address the big picture with direct feedback from the front.

They will also invite People to Massive to look at 1.4 and work with the Developers on the next update. All expenses will be paid and it won´t be exclusive to known YouTubers and Podcasters. Everybody can have a chance to discuss ideas in a constructive way. There will be an article up tomorrow, where you can fill out a survey and apply for that trip.

While some people will be invited to Malmö, all others can also participate too. There will be a new section on the forum, where you can give feedback about specific topics. The first topic will be your top 10 bugs and this is how they will prioritize them internally.

=> Join the forum here: Link

Theory crafting will also be a topic. They want to discuss how do you build your character for specific situations (PvP for example) to really understand how you play the game and why. This way, they don´t make changes and balancing on assumptions based on their data.

You can watch the stream right below:
Watch live video from TheDivisionGame on www.twitch.

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