Mass Effect remaster may actually happen

Mass Effect trilogyLast year, Peter Moore of EA said that the company were not interested in the new trend of remastering older games for modern consoles. In fact, he said “It feels like pushing stuff out because you’ve run out of ideas. I don’t know where we find the time to do remakes. We’re a company that just likes to push forward.” You can’t argue his point, but still, we all have a game or series  in mind that we would love to see remastered. Namely, Mass Effect, in my opinion.

In a recent interview, Game Informer asked EA Studios’ executive VP Patrick Soderlund about the possibility of a Mass Effect remaster.

“What’s changed is that there is proof in the market that people want it, maybe more than there was when we spoke,” he said. “There were some that did it before, but I think there is even more clear evidence that this is something that people really want.

“The honest answer is that we are absolutely actively looking at it. I can’t announce anything today, but you can expect us most likely to follow our fellow partners in Activision and other companies that have done this successfully.”

“We have to be careful in choosing the right brands for the right reasons at the right time. A remaster is something that you can just do or do it really well. I want to make sure that if we were to do it, we would do it really well and that people feel that it’s the same game but it feels so much better in this new shape and form.”

Speaking of Activision, they have released a few re-releases in recent months, particularly the Marvel Ultimate Alliance titles, and Transformers: War for Cybertron. Neither titles were updated or remastered in any way, and some even feature bugs that were present from their initial releases.

However, a remastered, all DLC inclusive remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy, maybe some additional content like commentary or concept art and music, would be a dream come true for me.

mass effect garrus
Who wouldn’t want to hang with Garrus again?

As for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is still on its way for early 2017, “You’ll get [your first look at gameplay] in the not too distant future,” Soderlund added. “I get people want to see gameplay and I just came back from a short vacation and I played through the first three hours of the game. It’s very playable, and there is no alarm about, ‘Why aren’t they showing it?’ It’s strictly that the game will get the right type of exposure at the right time and that we can the right voice for it. Right now we’re focused on our big titles for [October through December], and when that’s done, we’ll shift to Mass Effect. You’ll see a lot more very shortly.”

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