Mass Effect Andromeda: Too little of too much?

Mass Effect AndromedaToday we got a glimpse at behind the scenes footage of Mass Effect Andromeda along with a tiny look at the universe and gameplay. From the minuscule amount of gameplay shown, I feel like diehard Mass Effect fans may have been let down by EA and Bioware’s offerings during the EA Play event.

The universe seems so vast in what they’re trying to create, but it feels like we only got a brief glance through the letterbox before we were sent packing, and we know as little now as we did a few months ago. At last year’s E3, we got the ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’ trailer which showed us exploring various planets, trying to find a new habitable world for humanity. In this trailer, we just saw a montage of characters and spaceships

Unfortunately, us Mass Effect fans will have to wait until this Fall/Autumn to learn more about Andromeda. It’s understandable, considering the game has now been delayed into early 2017. Still though, I’m torn about this afternoon’s reveal, feeling disappointed by how little I saw, but also not wanting to see too much; wanting instead to experience it all myself when the game launches.

What are your thoughts on the trailer revealed this afternoon?

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