Mass Effect Andromeda voice actors wanted

Mass Effect AndromedaDo you have a voice that is a combination or that specialises in the dramatic, the excited, the moody, or one that sounds like it belongs on the radio or in film? If you read this in a very dramatic voice, then we have good news for you. It looks like Bioware, the developer of Mass Effect Andromeda and the Dragon Age series are looking for a pair of voices to add to their next interstellar project.

Want your voice to be heard within Mass Effect Andromeda next year? Then what you need to do is record yourself reading a bunch of lines that Bioware will have readily available for you. Save the file to your computer, and pop an email with said file to Bioware at and then, just sit and wait.

You can download the two scripts from here, as well as learn more information of the requirements. Bioware are not looking for altered voices or strange accents. Just be yourself, talk normally, and see what happens.

To be fair, whether you’re interested or not, this video is an enjoyable watch nonetheless, and you should watch it. And then play Mass Effect trilogy ahead of Andromeda’s launch, just to refresh your brains. Also, it’s an amazing series and deserves your attention and appreciation. I should go.

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