Mass Effect Andromeda trial for EA Access

Mass Effect AndromedaEA has announced that EA Access and Origin Access members will be entitled to a 10 hour trial of Mass Effect Andromeda ahead of its launch in March. If you’re not a subscriber, save the date and apply for a monthly sub, giving you a chance to check it out before you consider buying it, or make an early start into your adventure.

It hasn’t been said if the 10 hour trial will be limited in any way, whether it will lock out multiplayer until launch day, or prevent you from accessing certain missions in the campaign. FIFA 17’s trial period restricted progression in its The Journey mode, while Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 had limited access to certain game modes. You will have access to the trial 5 days before the game’s launch.

Mass Effect has had a brilliant impact on players to date, minus some disagreements over the ending of the third title, but with Mass Effect Andromeda taking us to a new part of space, with new characters and new faces, will it live up to its older brother? Hopefully those new to the franchise will consider playing the trial, and Bioware can see some new fans rolling in.

Mass Effect Andromeda launches on March 21st, or 23rd in the UK and Europe, and I shall be ready to wake from hyper sleep on that date!

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