Mass Effect Andromeda trailer for N7 Day, 2016

mass effect andromedaAs promised, Bioware have released a new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda in celebration of N7 day; the annual fan ‘holiday’ for Mass Effect fans. The trailer features fully cinematic footage taken straight from the game. I really don’t want to report on this, but I have to watch it. Can I just go on media blackout until the game launches, please?

“Take the role of the Pathfinder, leading humanity’s search for a new home in this unexplored and unforgiving region of space. You’ll chart your own course, navigating the Andromeda galaxy to unravel its mysteries, discover vivid alien worlds, and lead the charge to find the human race a new home among the stars. You’ll be able to upgrade and customize your gameplay experience with a deep and flexible progression system, and lead your squad into action-packed combat using advanced weaponry, special abilities, and more than a few new tricks.”

The trailer is narrated by some voice, is it friendly, our enemy? Are we the enemy? Are we even good guys? Are we invading someone else’s space? We’ll have to wait to find out, but what the trailer shows us is that there are a lot of mysteries to uncover, and an awfully large sentient machine that needs dealing with. Make of it what you will, I just don’t want to see any more of it until I can play it, hopefully in March of 2017!

In other Mass Effect news today, Best Buy revealed the box art for both the standard edition and the Deluxe Edition of Mass Effect Andromeda. It also listed a few details of what you can expect in the game, which you can read below.

mass effect andromeda box art

  • Chart Your Own Course in a Dangerous New Galaxy – Unravel the mysteries of the Andromeda galaxy as you discover rich, alien worlds in the search for humanity’s new home.
  • Lead the First Humans in Andromeda on a Desperate Search for our New Home – In this new chapter of Mass Effect, meet and recruit all-new, interesting characters caught up in an epic space saga filled with mystery and galactic conflict.
  • Fight with your Pathfinder Team In Battle Against Terrifying Enemies and Creatures – New additions like destructible environments, boosted jumps for added verticality, and all-new weapons and Biotics make combat more thrilling than ever.
  • Build a Formidable Hero With Amazing Weapons, Powers and Tech – With a much more flexible skill and weapon progression tree, you can replicate your play style to make you unstoppable against new, powerful alien enemies.
  • For 1 player or up to 4 in multiplayer mode

Lastly, and this should please a lot of fans, Mass Effect 2 and 3 are now fully backwards compatible on Xbox One, meaning you can pop your disc in and start all over again, or load up your 360, save your game saves to the Cloud, and resume playing where you left off, but on your Xbox One!

What are your thoughts on Mass Effect Andromeda? Do you have high hopes for it, and do you think it will surpass the amazing trilogy of Shepard?

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