Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer gameplay revealed

mass effect andromeda multiplayerBioware recently opened up about the multiplayer portion of Mass Effect Andromeda, and it’s about time too. With the game’s release now just on the horizon, fans deserve to know what they’re paying for, despite the fact that the main draw is without doubt the single player story experience.

Like with Mass Effect 3, the multiplayer mode of Mass Effect Andromeda is a 4 player co-op experience in a Horde-like environment. These can be played at will from the main menu, or accessed during the game’s single player experience. More on that here.

The multiplayer suite will feature 25 varying character kits, including all of the alien races found in Andromeda and the Milky Way. Lots of aliens. A number of varying weapons will be available to take advantage of, to see what suits your playstyle. 40 weapons will be available at launch, with more to come down the line.

Weapons can also be modified further, giving you an extra advantage on the battlefield. Boosters give you extra benefits in game such as better shields, unique ammo that deals more damage to particular enemy types, and of course, a boost in XP.

Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer features five maps out of the box, but more will surely come in the future. These include¬†Firebase Zero, Firebase Icebreaker, Firebase Magma, Firebase Derelict and Firebase Sandstorm.

Prepare for your mission which kicks off on March 21st and 23rd, in the US and Europe respectively.

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