Mass Effect Andromeda launch trailer has no Two Steps from Hell

mass effect andromedaToday, Bioware has released the launch trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda, but unlike the launch trailers for Mass Effect 2 and 3, it doesn’t feature Two Steps from Hell with an epic score of music, unfortunately. Instead we have¬†“Human” by British singer Rag’n’Bone Man, singing about how he’s only human. We also see more of the game.

One of the opening lines of the launch trailer kind of spoils the story, which is painfully annoying when you’re trying to avoid as much as possible about Mass Effect Andromeda before its release on March 21st/23rd. I’ve been hesitant to cover it because I want to be surprised, but in the business of writing about games, you can’t but look at trailers and developing details.

The trailer shows off some explosive action, tells us about the state we are all in in Andromeda and gives us another look at the bad guys, the Kett, and other aliens that we don’t know whether they’re good or bad just yet. There’s also some romance thrown in for good measure, but is the trailer showing off way too much already?

I’ve been a skeptic for many months now, loving the original trilogy for so many years, and despite the fact I’ll be going into this at launch, I’m keeping my reservations. I’m hoping to be blown away, in a good way, but I’m stepping in carefully.

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