Mass Effect Andromeda latest gameplay trailer

mass effect andromeda gameplayAs Bioware promised, a new gameplay trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda deployed, offering up nearly five more minutes of insight into the epic adventure fans will be taking part in come spring 2017.

BioWare’s general manager Aaron Flynn narrated the extensive video and spoke on stage about Mass Effect Andromeda. The trailer shows some cinematic footage as well as a deeper look at combat and exploration. It is said that “Every planet has its own story,” which I don’t really question, as the same could be said for the planets explored in previous entries of the series. Perhaps there’s some more caution from players this year following previous let downs and upsets. Not looking at any title in particular…

We get to see how the dialogue options work, and how similar they are to the original trilogy. The weapons and power wheel hasn’t changed either, so it all looks like how we remember, just with minor cosmetic changes.

New weapons and gear will have to be found, stolen or crafted, either on the planet or within the confines of your new ship, the Tempest. We also hear the AI voice informing your character about the surroundings. ‘Sam’ obviously replaces EDI from the Normandy, which makes sense and is non-debatable. We’ll still miss her though.

The trailer also reveals the existence of the Krogan in the Andromeda galaxy. It was unknown previously if the race of barbaric brutes would travel as far as Andromeda but they seem to have made it over there somehow. Maybe we’ll learn how and why.

Since the trailer was revealed, fans have shown concern over the facial animations and the lip-syncing of the characters. Bioware staff have since taken to Twitter to address the issue, saying that they will be polishing the game up to high quality standards before it reaches the players’ hands.

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