Mass Effect Andromeda facial animations cause concern, still

mass effect andromeda faceMass Effect Andromeda releases to the public next week, on March 21st and 23rd, depending on your region, but as of today, Thursday, EA Access and Origin Access members were granted 10 trial hours of the game to dive into. Concerns about animations were raised in the previous few months, but it looks like they persist.

While a day one patch may patch up some of the faults here, I can’t help but remain hesitant about what to expect. For the longest time, I’ve been worrisome about Mass Effect Andromeda, with friends concerned that I’m digging a hole for myself and in turn ruining my enjoyment before I even start to play it. I don’t want to start it early, as I don’t want those 10 hours to burn out in two days, and have a week to wait for my next session.

That said, others have began playing and have been jaw-dropped by the issues still found in the game. Sure, it’s not fully available yet to all, and a patch could fix these issues, but is it too late? Should these issues even be here at this moment? While some are quick to jump to the defence of Bioware and the series, there are those, like me, who will point back to the previous trilogy for comparisons and ask how this could even happen.

This video here features a minor spoiler, but not really, as we know that you, the player, is the Pathfinder. But pay attention to the facial expressions of Sara Ryder as she informs some of the crew of her bad news.

There are no emotions whatsoever. Her eyes are dead. And don’t get me started on the Japanese-like pauses between sentences. It just doesn’t flow like a real life conversation. Other games have done it properly, even previous Mass Effect games.

Mass Effect Andromeda’s animation issues don’t stop there either. This other video, which isn’t a spoiler at all, shows how rough the walking animation is too. This could be an isolated case, but it doesn’t bode well for me, and most likely others.

The fact is, I love Mass Effect. I love the story, the characters, the gun play, the dialogue options, the cutscenes; all of it. I’ve been hesitant about Mass Effect Andromeda because of where the series is going, and because I’ll miss my Garrus and Tali, but I’m still willing to give it a chance. I have it pre-ordered, they have my money. Now I just have to wait, and hopefully have a change of heart.

One more thing…Do you believe in magic? Or space magic?

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