Mass Effect Andromeda exploration trailer

Mass Effect AndromedaBioware have released a new gameplay trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda, and if you had any doubts about the level of exploration involved in the adventure, this video will put your mind at ease. Also, you’re in for a visual treat, whether on your ship or out exploring the various alien planets.

Again, I’m a huge fan of the series and I have been trying my best to avoid watching too many, or too much of these videos. Watching the first couple of minutes of this one, I’m relieved to learn that there are hundreds of planets to explore, yet the video points out that there are only a handful of landable planets, similar to the first Mass Effect title I guess.

When you land on planets, you can run into colonies of aliens, find new missions, things to see and explore, and learn about their cultures. Everywhere you travel in the Andromeda system, you can see your surroundings in real-time outside of your ship’s windows. Fascinating stuff!

Mass Effect Andromeda includes your Nomad rover for navigating the hazardous terrain of the planets. The vehicle is upgradeable too, which you can see a glimpse of in the video. You can place beacons on various locations on planets to create a sort of outpost, allowing you to now fast travel with ease to different points of the map.

In regards to what follows next in the video, I don’t know, as I don’t want to spoil anymore for myself ahead of the game’s launch on March 21st/23rd (US/EU). You have to admit though, Mass Effect Andromeda looks absolutely gorgeous!

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