Mass Effect Andromeda could be delayed, if EA wanted to

Mass Effect AndromedaEA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said in a financial call yesterday that if needs be, Mass Effect Andromeda can be pushed back by 5 months if it needs some extra polish. But it’s not being delayed. Or is it? No, it’s not, but if it’s to be delayed, it could be anything up to 5 months delayed. But it won’t be. Will it?

With November 7th fast approaching, we’re expecting another update on the game’s progress from Bioware, and hopefully a new trailer or some further insight. I’d rather know nothing more until its March 2017 release date, personally, as I want to go in blind, seeing everything fresh and new on day one. Unfortunately, in this line of work, you have to stay on top of the news.

So why mention potential delays, if we’re still on course for spring 2017?

“We’re willing to make moves in launch dates if we feel that it’s necessary to deliver the right player experience. Our guidance assumes that Mass Effect continues to be in this [fiscal] year, but it gives us some flexibility that we might choose to move it either a week or three, or four, or five months if we have to based on what we want to make sure in terms of delivering the right experience to the players,” Blake Jorgensen said.

We last saw Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay during the PlayStation 4 Pro reveal show in New York back in September. Watch it again below, and then further down the article, a new teaser has been revealed this week.

Mass Effect Andromeda shouldn’t be delayed, but from here on in, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a means to see what the reaction would be ahead of an updated release date on November 7th.

“The time has come to prepare for a future beyond the Milky Way. Be among the trailblazers to join the Andromeda Initiative and chart a course for humanity to explore an unknown galaxy. Sign-up now! Orientation begins November 7, 2016”

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