Mass Effect Andromeda combat gameplay detailed

mass effect andromeda combatBioware have released a new video for Mass Effect Andromeda, detailing how the combat will work in your next space opera adventure. Enthusiastic fans who have played the trilogy a numerous amount of times should know what to expect, but if you’re coming into the series for the first time, this should give you a keen idea as to what to expect.

Mass Effect Andromeda is a third person shooter when out on missions, and you have four weapon types to get used to, or to choose from specifically. They are pistols, shotguns, snipers and assault rifles. In previous Mass Effect games, your loadout and weapon specialty would be defined by the class of character you chose. Engineers could use pistols and shotguns along with a range of Biotic abilities, soldiers could you all weapon types but have less Biotic powers, and so on. New to Mass Effect players however, are melee weapons.

Class skills will allow you to upgrade your character with more focused abilities, which will offer more replay value if you opt to replay the game as a different character entirely. Some classes will allow for trip mines, grenades, additional shields, a close combat flamethrower, and more.

As per the trilogy, enemy defensive types will depend on armour, shields and general health. An armoured enemy will have a yellow health bar, a shielded enemy will have a blue one, and generally protected baddies will have green health. Use the right weapon, ammo type or ability to remove their protection before decimating them.

Future videos will reveal squad commands in Mass Effect Andromeda, favourites, so you can shortcut your favourite weapons and abilities, and more.

Mass Effect Andromeda will release on consoles and PC on March 21st in the US, and 23rd in Europe.

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