Mantis Burn Racing to be native 4k/60FPS on PS4 Pro

Mantis Burn RacingWhilst we know running big AAA titles at native 4k 60FPS may be out of the PlayStation 4 Pro’s reach we knew that it was entirely likely that smaller games may reach the holy grail of graphical output. Let me introduce you then to Mantis burn Racing. A top down racer title from VooFoo Studios.

VooFoo Studios invited Digital foundry to their Birmingham studio to get some hands on time with the title and to cast their expert eye over this intriguing racing title. those who have played Codemasters Micro Machines will find Mantis Burn Racing instantly familiar.

It’s not really surprising that a game such as this is aiming for native 4k/60FPS as its not going to be overly demanding on hardware, but it does extremely well  with the tools the developers have at their disposal. In fact the games engine is based on an aging one that’s been primarily used for iOS, Android and the WiiU. Don’t let this fool you because the end result is a pretty spectacular looking little racing game.

Mantis Burn Racing

Digital Foundry found that the game was running at 4 times the PS4 version which runs at 1080p, which means Mantis Burn Racing is running at native 4k with none of the chequer boarding , upscaling trickery that other titles are expected to have to use to get near to 4k output.

I won’t go too indept6h to the tech speak because it’ll just end up confusing me and you and it’s better left to the experts who really know what it all means but suffice to say the game looks gorgeous. I prefer the more natural outback setting we’ve seen as it shows off the textures and lighting and particle effects much more than the industrial area that we saw.

Mantis Burn Racing

A full career mode will be available and Mantis Burn Racing will also include multiplayer which if its anything like Micro Machines will be an absolute blast. Online racing supports up to eight players, while local multiplayer is  two and four-player split-screen. when playing 4 player split screen each player will be able to enjoy the game in full 1080p (the same resolution as a standard PS4).

Mantis Burn Racing

Digital Foundry did report that there were some framerate drops which manifests as stutter but as they were testing pre-release code it may be absent from the retail copies. All in all the game looks very impressive and heaps of fun. If you play PC then you can pick it up in early access now and Although VooFoo have yet to lock down a release date it is expected imminently.

Mantis Burn Racing will release for Steam, PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One. You can check out Digital Foundry’s report in the video below.


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