Manga Horror Artist Junji Ito Was Collaborating on Silent Hills

uzumaki-1136800It looks like Silent Hills had another famous face working on the now dead title, as Guillermo del Toro revealed that manga artist Junji Ito was also working on the project.

For those of you who don’t know Junji Ito, he’s one of the most famed horror manga artists in the world, known for his twisted and disturbing art as well as his distinctive style. This comes as a huge disappointment to many fans of his work, as from what we’ve seen of Silent Hills, whether from trailers or P.T. his style would have fit in wonderfully for the game.

Junjo Ito is most known for his work on Tomie, Uzumaki and Gyo. del Toro revealed that Junjo Ito was collaborating on the project via his Twitter.

It says a lot when Kojima and del Toro are fans of your work, and he definitely could have added a lot to the twisted atmosphere Silent Hills was trying to pull off.

Del Toro went onto say that GYO was the only comic that ever made him jump.

Silent Hills was already a big loss from having del Toro, Kojima and Norman Reedus working on the same project, but to have yet another huge name for their work in horror really rubs it in that this could have been something special. What are your thoughts on this news? Let us know in the comments!

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