Man arrested after urinating on video games

UrinatingOkay so this is a little bit of a weird one as far as news goes, and it’s probably worth mentioning that this story is only relevant because it just so happens that the fine gentleman involved chose the video games aisle in his local “Target” retail store, as the suitable location for which to relieve himself. Still, it involves video games, so why the hell not?

The story goes as follows. The incident occurred on January 5th of this year inside the Pennsylvanian branch of American retailer Target. A male entered the store and took one of the in-store electronic disability carts, before making his way around the store. Upon reaching the electronics aisle he removed his trousers which were already soaked in urine. He was then seen on CCTV exposing himself before urinating over the video games and accessories. Upon “finishing” he left the area. Police have arrested one male in connection with the incident. Urinating

Frankly, this isn’t a case of “when you’ve gotta go you’ve gotta go” and whilst this might seem amusing, being a retail worker myself I can only imagine the horror that the staff endured upon discovering the aftermath of the incident. However you also have to consider the mental state of the man who committed the… Erm… act.

Or maybe… Just maybe he was a disgruntled fan-boy… Who knows?


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