Making a dollar or six in Mafia 3

Mafia 3As with any open world game, making green is all part and parcel, and Mafia 3 is certainly no exception. This new developer diary runs you through some of the ways you can both make money, and lose money. You gotta be careful on those streets!

Lincoln is on a mission, and that involves spending some moola on new weapons, outfits, cars and upgrades. While you can earn some money by taking part in the game’s missions and racing side missions, you can also go after different rackets, which are revealed to you by tipsters.

Find out where these rackets store their cash and earn yourself a quick buck. But why not think about the future? Why not recruit the racket bosses, and make some incremental payments throughout the course of the story? Let them live, sign them on, and see your income generate a steady stream of profits.

Other than that, bear in mind that Lincoln carries any acquired money on his person, and a death in gameplay can result in a loss of money. What you can do however, is call upon a service that sees a car arrive at your location, letting you deposit your money and offer you some peace of mind.

Mafia 3 is looking like a fantastic game. Graphically it looks amazing too, but let’s hope the gameplay is up to scratch. With the likes of Grand Theft Auto V still performing extremely well in the charts after three years now, can Mafia 3 win over some fans who are now awaiting another open world, realistic experience?

Mafia 3 will be available on October 7th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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