Make EA Skate Again campaign sends a clear message to EA

skateA new fan campaign has been nose-grinding to the top of Reddit as of late, with fans practically begging EA to make another Skate game. It doesn’t help that Skate 3 was teased as a future release for the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list, still to be seen, but fans are eager for a Skate 4, and EA seem to be ignoring that.

That hasn’t stopped fans from making their voices heard, however. A new campaign, which takes inspiration from Donald Trump’s presidential campaign of ‘Make America Great Again, sees fans echo the words of “Make EA Skate Again.” It’s touching, it’s catchy, and it sends a message.

make ea skate againSkate is a series that kickflipped off in 2007. It felt authentic, it gave you an open city area to explore and perform tricks, challenges to complete, unlockables to find, and a fun multiplayer experience. Plus, a deadly soundtrack. A sequel released in 2009, building on each of these features, and then the third game, despite being a bit on the buggy side, added more multiplayer functionality in 2010. But where did it go, and why did it stop?

While the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games got lazier and rather dull over the years, with the addition of physical motion sensored skateboards, fans just wanted a proper skateboard title. Skate gave us that, and the control scheme was sick. All the flips were performed using the right stick. Ollie by holding down to lean, then flicking up to jump. It was glorious!

But EA don’t seem so keen on looking back, and instead want to look forward towards new IP, or new games. Explain the number 15, 16, and 17 that features on your sports titles then!!! A modern day Skate would be amazing, and clearly there’s a demand for it. I’m up for it, are you?

[Source: Reddit]

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