Major Nelson and FLitz Talk Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Major Nelson and FLitz Talk Xbox One Backwards CompatibilityBackwards Compatibility is one of the Xbox One’s best weapons in its arsenal this holiday season, offering Xbox One owners the opportunity to play their Xbox 360 titles on their new consoles. On November 12th, the New Xbox One Experience will roll out to the public, with 100 titles available on the service, which will grow in time.

Youtuber FLitz has a few questions about the backwards compatibility feature that maybe you have too. Questions such as how to find what games are available to install, and where to find them. As the Major shows, go into My Games & Apps, and in the games section, scroll across to the right side, and based on your gamertag, any digital titles you have purchases should be there to install, as long as they’re supported by backwards compatibility.

The second question FLitz had was about his save files for those 360 games. If you happen to have your 360 laying about, load up the console and save your save file to the Xbox Cloud, which will be accessed by your Xbox One when you load up that game, and continue playing as you were!

One of our own questions is ‘What games are available to install with backwards compatibility?’. Well, if you go to, which will be an updated list of what Xbox 360 games you can now play on your Xbox One.

On November 9th, Microsoft will release a list of the first 100 titles to be supported.

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