Lunara enter the Nexus with the latest Heroes of the Storm update

Heroes of the StormWinter’s Veil has descended upon the Nexus in true Blizzard fashion (pun intend). If you’re a fan of Blizzard games, you’ll be all too aware that they like to add variety to their games in the form of seasonal themes, Heroes of the Storm is no exception to this rule and today, the update went live adding the eagerly anticipated new Hero and new features.

To accompany their new update, Blizzard released the following trailer which is available for your viewing pleasure below:

Let’s start with the new Hero, Lunara. An all new Warcraft Hero available to purchase using either in-game currency or real world money from today. She’s falls under the category of “Ranged Assassin” and as with all Heroes of the Storm characters, has her own Special Trait making her totally unique. As always with new Heroes she costs 15,000 Gold which is a pretty sizable amount of in-game currency, but purchasing her with real money will also unlock a bonus character skin that isn’t otherwise included. However, from now until the end of the year Blizzard are hosting a sale on any and all Heroes of the Storm content, meaning Lunara is currently half price.

Check out Lunara’s spotlight video below detailing her origins, traits and abilities:

Naturally, the holiday season doesn’t end there, as we mentioned before Winter’s Veil has arrived adding new features to the game. First and foremost, Blizzard have graciously granted an experience points buff for all players, this can be earned by completing seasonal quests, one requires you to compete in 15 games granting a 4 day bonus to experience, the other requires players to complete 50 games for an additional 7 days of bonus XP. Furthermore, Blizzard have gifted all players with a free “Festive Treasure Goblin” Mount for use over the holidays which will expire when Winter’s Veil ends. Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard have also added new, Christmas themed items to the store which can be purchased including the Great Father Stitches character skin and the Sugar Plum Sylvannas Skin both of which are also the subject of bundles for a reduced price. Finally, maps have been tweaked to help celebrate the festive season.

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