Love knows no console

no console warsEarlier this week, an individual uploaded a picture of a PlayStation and Xbox rep at a convention both talking away. Whether they were flirting, chatting or friends who happened to work these conventions, we don’t know. Still, it led to some heartwarming¬†antics on Twitter, involving putting console wars down.

The image can be seen in the tweet below, with gamers checking out games on the respective platforms. The caption of “For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo,” adds a bit of humour to it, but what the Xbox account responded with was brilliant, which you can see under the tweet.

“Best of both worlds. #Xbox #PlayStation“.

love knows no consoleHere at 4-One Gaming, we’ve been promoting that kind of mentality since we started up in June of 2013. We all love games, and it doesn’t matter how you wish to support them. Whether it’s PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo consoles or handhelds, or PC. Just enjoy playing games, and be happy to have the chance to talk about them with friends.

The games industry is just business, and each of the console makers will do their best to bring business to their platforms, whether it’s first party exclusive titles, third party exclusives, exclusive DLC plans and what not.

As I’ve said on many occasions, console fanboyism is similar to sports fans. We can all support our own favourite sides, but despite throwing abuse back and forth at the other club or team, we’re still sitting down for two hours and watching the exact same sport.

Back in December of 2015, I wrote this article about why your preferred platform was the best. Give it a read. Again, it’s similar to the anti-fanboy mentality we have, and talks about varying factors which gives reasons as to why what you game on is the best one.

And despite all the love being thrown around above, there’s still room for the Wii U console too. Don’t forget that guy.

wii u window[Source: Twitter]

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