Lost Odyssey and more join the backwards compatible list

xbox backwards compatible decemberThis week, Xbox One players have been treated to quite a lengthy list of new backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles. Whether you own the game digitally or on disc, you can replay an old favourite or finally try out a game that has been long gathering dust. Lost Odyssey is now backwards compatible, and that’s fantastic news.

As if the news earlier in the week about Call of Duty World at War becoming backwards compatible wasn’t exciting enough news, the announcement of Lost Odyssey, the 4-disc¬†Japanese RPG from 2008, which released on Xbox 360 exclusively is surely to excite console fans.

As well as Lost Odyssey, which will probably be very hard to find in stores nowadays, fans can also relive the fun of Toy Story 3 and Guwange, if those take your fancy. Toy Story 3 is a platformer which puts you in control of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie, who each have their own levels to explore. Guwange is a vertical scrolling shooter which actually reviewed pretty decently.

All games, bar maybe Lost Odyssey due to its huge file size of 4 discs, will be downloadable via the Xbox Games Store via the backwards compatible store listing.

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