Los Santos Pride comes to GTA V

los santos pride gtaStockholm Pride proudly presents Los Santos Pride — a free unofficial mod for GTA 5 that gives you a festive Pride parade on the streets of Los Santos. Available for PC as a free download, check out the awesome trailer for it below!

Los Santos has a lot in it, but one thing that it’s missing is a Pride parade. For the first time ever, join in on the festivities of an annual Pride festival in Grand Theft Auto, thanks to mods. The Los Santos Pride mod was created by Garbergs, JulioNiB, 8-Bit Bastard, TheFriedTurkey, Merfish & TheNathanNS.

“Los Santos Pride is a project created for Stockholm Pride. The project is pro-bono with no financial incentive or other benefits for anyone involved.”

The mod can be downloaded here from the Los Santos Pride website. You can also check out some more stills from the trailer, which make for good desktop backgrounds too! Thankfully, due to the nature of GTA V, the mod also removes the ability to pull out any weapons, so you can attend the parade without a violent shoot out taking place. Don’t go trying to trolling a meaningful mod, that’s just not cool.

Stockholm Pride is the largest Pride festival in Scandinavia since 1998. Stockholm Pride strives to raise awareness for LGBT+ issues, and create a safe zone for LGBT+ people and the gender expressions within the LGBT+ community.

los santos pride gta v

This years festival takes place between the 25th — 31st of July in Stockholm, Sweden.

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