Lizard Squad struck again

lizard squad teenFollowing the news of a Lizard Squad member by the name ofJulius Kivimaki getting a two year suspended sentence, head of Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) John Smedley reacted in anger, telling him “I’m coming after you“. What followed, was an attack on Daybreak’s game servers, affecting Planetside 2, H1Z1 and other titles. Thankfully, the issues have been resolved since.

Smedley has a history with the group, particularly with Kivimaki, including last September when the group called in a bomb threat grounding Smedley’s flight to San Francisco, as well as harassment and the leaking of personal information.

john smedleySince Smedley’s outburst on Twitter, coincidentally, a selection of Daybreak games have been attacked with another round of DDoS attacks, or Distributed Denial of Service attacks, making it impossible for many players to sign in and play. The problem has been fixed, but it wouldn’t be out of the question for it to happen again anytime soon.

“I’m extremely angry that the Finnish justice system chose to let Julius Kivimaki off with a 2 year suspended sentence,” Smedley wrote on Reddit yesterday. “This guy is the worst kind of bad news. He’s been involved for years in every kind of terrible thing you can imagine including Carding, hacking, swatting people all over the world. He’s also participated in a major way in DDOS attacks that caused a lot of grief for gamers and a lot of economic damage to the companies that make and run games.”

[Source: Kotaku]

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