Little Nightmares gets release date and new trailer

little nightmaresBack in 2015, I witnessed a game at E3 called ‘Hunger’, which fascinated me. As a fan of Limbo, and more recently, Inside by PlayDead, I felt that Hunger looked like another one of those gorgeous, eerie and provoking 2D platformers. It then went dark until a year later, with a new publisher and a name change. This is Little Nightmares.

The new trailer highlights the eeriness even more, with that haunting soundtrack and ‘oooooh’ vocal arrangement. You play as a little girl called Six who is a prisoner in an underground facility called ‘The Maw’, and it is your task to try and escape, without being eaten or crushed. It does look very Inside-like, doesn’t it?

Little Nightmares is the work of Tarsier Studios and will be published by Bandai Namco. It has a release date of April 28th, due for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and this is something I will be excited to play, finally. Will it eventually make its way over to the Nintendo Switch? Who knows!

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