Limited Gears of War 4 Onyx crate available this weekend

gears of war 4 swarmGears of War 4 fans, you have a few days to rack up some in-game credit and splashing out on a limited availability crate. The Onyx Gold Gear Pack features a number of unique Swarm skins and animated weapon skins, from January 13th to the 16th.

5 Swarm Characters are up for grabs in this special Gear Pack, all featuring a stunning Gold carapace mixed with dark Onyx Black clothing and armor. Find the Legendary Elite Grenadier and Swarm Sniper to truly stand out from the crowd.

Weapon Skin Set
On top of new characters to collect, a full set of 14 Onyx Gold animated weapon skins are waiting to be collected! This new set features a Black and Gold variant of the Swarm Pod skin, now sporting a Liquid Gold effect that seeps into a dark Onyx underbelly.

As an added bonus, the Onyx Gold Gear Pack features a guaranteed Epic Card in every Gear Pack. Find this Feature Pack from January 13th until January 16th in the Gears 4 Store for 2000 Credits / $4.99 USD.

Earlier this week, The Coalition updated the pricing of crates to be more reasonable, as part of Title Update 3. No longer will we see featured, limited packs for more than 2,000 credits. That’s good news, isn’t it?

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