Limited Edition Fallout 4 Xbox One controller Revealed

fallout 4 controllerBethesda have revealed a new Limited Edition Xbox One Fallout 4 controller, which you can pre-order later today (at the time of posting). It’s probably too late by the time you read this, as Bethesda only plan to release 5,000 units of it, but it looks gorgeous!

Rumours on the internet suggest that it’s a wired controller, but that won’t stop fans from shelling out for it to keep in their own vault as fan memorabilia. What you’ll notice too is that there seems to be an extra button right under the right thumb stick. What could this be? Interesting stuff, especially if it does indeed offer a feature that other controllers won’t.

fallout 4 controllerThe Bethesda store hasn’t updated¬†yet, but keep an eye on it here for when the Fallout 4 controller goes on sale. And good luck, vault dwellers. If money is no object to you, or you don’t want another controller, there’s also this rather awesome looking Pipboy messenger bag going on sale as well. That, along with a real life Pipboy 3000, and you’ll be the talk of the town!

Fallout 4 Messenger-Bag

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