Limbo, Inside developer tease latest project

InsidePlaydead, the Danish studio responsible for the amazing Limbo and Inside have teased their next title. It hasn’t been named publicly, and the studio have only released one picture of it, but it could be some time before we’re able to play it.

Considering there was a five year gap between both Limbo and Inside, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had another 4-5 year wait on our hands before being able to play this. But let’s at least gawk at the image for a minute and see what we can gather from it.

From what I can tell, we could be venturing off into space, exploring an alien planet perhaps? The character looks like he or she has ejected from a aerial vehicle of some sort and is dragging their parachute over the crest of a hill. Maybe it’s not in space then, but a desert?

Both Limbo and Inside were very image driven titles, with no dialogue or vocal narrations, leaving the player guessing and brain-storming what they just experienced. I’m sure this title will do a similar thing, but will it change up the gameplay in any way? The last two titles, while gorgeous, were 2D platformers with very simplistic controls and puzzle solving elements.

We’ll hear more in the future anyway, perhaps at E3 this year, or maybe next year, or in five years, like I said. I’ll be excited at a later date!

limbo playdead

In related news, Inside received a 1.3gb update on Xbox One this week. Nobody can figure out what the update added. It’s too big for bug fixes, if there were any to fix, but I’m curious, is there new content on the way?

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