Lights Out movie review

lights outMany horror movies succumb to the pitfalls of cliches riddled within the genre. Jump scares, illogical decisions, one-dimensional characters just to name a few. Lights Out has a simple yet effective premise. Essentially when the lights turn out the monster is present, when the lights are on it disappears. This makes the monster an effective operator in the shadows.

While Lights Out doesn’t avoid jump scares, the movie makes effective use of them and manages to avoid other cliches. It’s one of the better horror movies that I’ve seen in recent memory that should make for an enjoyable and scary endeavor.

What helps build the movie is that the family dynamic is great. The movie revolves around a core family of three and one slight outlier that gets woven into the thread. The mother, Sophie, is a disturbed individual that struggles with a few issues, while her children deal with the repercussions. One of the kids is an adult and the other is only an adolescent. The kids recognize that mom is a little off her rocker, yet they care for her well being, unfortunately the antagonist does as well.

Lights Out Review

Posted by Paul Minnich Critics on Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The monster in this movie really propels the plot and action forward with petrifying results. A silent operator that lurks in the shadows and uses them to her advantage is an excellent premise. Thankfully, Lights Out uses said ideal with great results that produce a monster that is genuinely horrifying. The movie works great as a horror because it slowly builds suspense where even when you think yore safe and the characters are, the music and tension fill you with moments of dread.

This is also accompanied by some great camera tricks that make for some unique moments. Regrettably, this movie suffers from some horrendous dialogue on occasion and some odd character motives. It’s not that the movie has bad dialogue throughout, it’s more that it gets really bad near the conclusion.

lights out

That said, I thought the conclusion was great and a really great way to end the movie. Overall I say that Lights Out is an effective horror movie with a genuinely scary monster that deserves some attention.

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