Liberty City screenshot in GTA V’s graphical style discovered

liberty city gtaPosted in a GTA forum this week, some eagle eyed Grand Theft Auto fans discovered one of Rockstar Games’ artist’s portfolios online showing a few pieces of work from GTA V and other titles. One of the images shows GTA IV’s ‘Middle Park’ in GTA V style. Is this a hint of Liberty City coming to GTA Online, or just a reworked piece of artwork?

The portfolio belonging to Adrian Page can be found here, and it’s worth noting that he is still employed by Rockstar Games. Rumours of a potential Liberty City return in updated form have been around for some time now, with many Youtubers getting a lot of hits with each and every tidbit of info and minor discovery that supposedly leads fans to believing it’s going to happen.

‘Middle Park’ is GTA’s traditional take on Central Park in New York City, and you may remember a mission which saw Niko protecting Bernie (or Florian as Niko once knew him), one of the game’s characters while he was out for a jogging and being chased down.

middle part gta v gta iv
The updated Middle Park using GTA V’s RAGE engine

Rockstar do indeed have big plans for GTA Online in the coming weeks and months as previously announced, with the next big update coming on June 7th called “Further Adventures in Finance and Felony” which adds new ways to enjoy criminal activity in the city of Los Santos.

Fans want more single player content however, but nobody’s talking about it officially, and while GTA Online continues to grow and flourish every month or two, some more variety would certainly be welcome to spice things up.

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