Liberty City PC mod coming to GTA V

openiv liberty city gta vGrand Theft Auto V players will at some point in the last few years have dreamt of flying, or taking a boat from Los Santos to Liberty City, the original cityscape in the GTA series last visited in GTA IV. Now it looks like the dream may finally come true, thanks to a PC mod created by OpenIV Team.

Over on the OpenIV Team website, the modding group says “The Liberty City will not replace Los Santos or Blaine County, but appears across the sea. Using the power of OpenIV and openFormats, we was able to bring Liberty City right into GTA V map.” More details will come in the near future, but the team have released a teaser trailer to show off their grand (theft) ambitions.

When it releases, you will be required to own a copy of both GTA V and GTA IV. You will then download some assets that convert the GTA IV files for use in GTA V, and it will all be done via a single downloadable mod. You will need a lot of free space, with both games as well as OpenIV downloaded to do all the technical work.

Due to the fact that it’s an unofficial mod, there will be no multiplayer, or GTA Online support for the mod, which is a sad scenario, but who knows? Maybe Rockstar will be open to the idea and somehow make it work in the future, officially. There have been rumours about Liberty City coming to GTA Online for years, but if it ever happened, I imagine it would require some loading as you travel; not being able to visit both cities so openly.

If it became an official release, it would boost the size and scale of GTA Online, and despite Rockstar currently working on Red Dead Redemption 2 for a supposed released in 2017, they would be foolish to let GTA Online die out anytime soon.

You can follow the progress of the mod via the modders’ website and their Facebook page.

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