Liberty City coming to Grand Theft Auto V?

liberty city gta onlineA Youtuber by the name of MrBossFTW has put together this interesting video about the possibility of Rockstar Games bringing Liberty City to GTA V, or GTA Online. While the video itself doesn’t feature much info other than a few tweets and a supposed leaked image, what’s said is more important and exciting too.

A lot of tweets were posted and then removed by a Tweeter called TezFunz which were picked up before their removal. One of the tweets read “Can’t wait for Festive surprise 2015, Lowriders Part 2, Liberty City….” At first glance, you may have thought this meant Liberty City Stories, but that game was already released on iOS before this date, so why wait for it? Did he mean the Android version which will soon follow? Doubtfully.

lets go bowlingAnother user on Twitter questioned him on the mention of Liberty City and TezFunz replied with “I’m not talking about the texture found in the files, I’m talking about the actual Liberty City.” Another interesting point worth noting outside of this video, is that Rockstar Games recently added the Declasse Tampa to GTA Online, a car found on the streets of Liberty City. A festive hint to tease the players? Who knows?

The video is worth a watch, and if this information proves to be true, we should hear more about it officially in the coming week. It may not launch before the year is out, but if teased, we could be greeted by a spring release, all going well. Whether it’s paid single player content or GTA Online missions and a new world to explore, perhaps even a mixture of both, it will be something to look out for, and definitely something to be excited for. Just imagine doing jobs for Roman and his taxi company to raise a few dollars to pay for your apartment….

[Source: Youtube]

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