Leo’s Fortune coming soon to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

leo's fortuneTake the best bits from Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Limbo and Sonic the Hedgehog, and what do you get? You most likely get something that looks like Leo’s Fortune, a 2D platformer with gorgeous visuals, puzzles, and loop-de-loops!

“Leo’s Fortune follows the story of Leopold, a wealthy mustached furball who returns home one day to discover his gold fortune has been stolen. The thief dropped gold like a trail of breadcrumbs, which Leo must follow to recover his fortune and find the culprit. Along the way you’ll meet Leo’s strange family and reveal a twisting mystery. You’ll jump and float to avoid deadly traps, solve physics-based puzzles, and guide Leo through 24 hand-crafted levels. Each level is one enormous, panoramic piece of art that has been lovingly configured to play with a controller or keyboard,” to quote the press release.

Initially released for iOS and Android by 1337 & Senri, Tilting Point will be handling the desktop/console ports of the title, boosting the visuals to a beautiful 1080p, and all for the price of $6.99.

The award-winning adventure platformer will launch on PlayStation 4, Mac and PC on September 8th, followed by a September 11th release on Xbox One.

[Source: Youtube]

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