LEGO Dimensions unofficially continues Portal 2’s story

portal 2Speaking to IGN at Gamescom, Warner Brothers Games producer Doug Heder explains how the world of Portal is to tie in with the main story of LEGO Dimensions, and how the events in the level pack will unofficially continue Portal 2’s story. It also allows us to play a whole 18 new Portal chambers. Excellent.

“It’s branded as Portal 2 Level Pack, and that’s because we now have established that character in that world through the main game story, and now we pick up in the world where things have left off in that universe of Portal games,” Heder explained to IGN. “And, obviously Portal 2 being the most recent game to release, now things start to look a little bit more reflective of that state and where things kind of left off at the end of Portal 2.”

“In addition to that adventure world, you also have a bespoke new Portal story level,” he continued. “This is another nine plus test chambers, and now these, instead of being sort of focused around the Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle powers and abilities from the main game, now these are specifically built around Chell and her portal device. So, you’re getting a real, true LEGO Portal experience in that world.”

Although not canon, Heder confirmed that Valve co-operated on the project and were excited to see it happen. The Portal story sees the return of the much loved voice actors from the series including including Ellen McLain as GLaDOS, Stephen Merchant as Wheatley, Nolan North plus “a few more surprises.”

“This is just so much fun,” Heder said. “We’ve got, between the main game and the level pack, eighteen unique test chambers. I hate to say this, because this is not trying to say anything, [but] that is more test chambers than in a single Portal game. The skill for these test chambers is obviously a little bit different in comparison, but Valve has been a fantastic partner.”

LEGO Dimensions certainly sounds promising so far, and Valve should be commended for being so co-operative on the project. Because really, what Portal fan doesn’t want more portal?? I certainly do. Check out the E3 trailer featuring the Portal Level pack and the game pad functionality below.

Read the full interview at IGN.

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