Learn to code with Minecraft!

codeYou can now learn the basics of programming by taking a Minecraft themed tutorial that is the result of a collaboration between Microsoft and Code.org. It can be found as one of a number of tutorials on the site, with some introductory lessons in the “hour of code” section.

Code.org is a non profit organisation that aims to make programming accessable to all, from any age or background. They believe that  every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science and that it should be part of the core curriculum alongside the other sciences.

The tutorial is introduced by Jeb, the lead developer at Mojang and allows the student to control Alex or Steve using commands in the form of code-blocks which use javascript to control the character.

The tutorial is for ages 6 up, but is fun for all ages so why not give it a go? You can get started on your first (of many hopefully) hour of code here. And if you’re already a pro you could still get some enjoyment out of it if you’re a Minecraft fan. Happy coding!

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