League of Legends Snowdown event detailed

Riot has given us a glimpse of what to expect from this year’s Snowdown event. As usual we will see discounts, both new and old skins, some adorable ward skins and icons and the return of a temporary mode.

Snow Day skins that can be purchased include Syndra, Gnar, Bard, Malzahar, Singed and Ziggs with each costing a cool 975 Riot Points. There is also quite a lot of bundles on offer with suitably Wintery themed skins or wards ranging in price from 3072 RP to 6788 RP.

Mystery gifting is available, allowing you to get yourself or a friend a pressie featuring an unowned champion, skin, ward, icon or chest. The chest comes in the most expensive at 790 RP but you’re guaranteed a Mystery skin worth 975 RP or more. For those who want to make their jungles extra pretty, there’s new cute penguin wards.

There’s also a feature in the story called Legendary snowball. When you pick up a Legendary skin this Snowdown, this unlocks a Mystery skin. If the skin is a Legendary it unlocks another Mystery skin and so on.

The Legend of the Poro King also returns. This mode sees you accompanied by two Poro friends that grants you a summoner spell. This will in turn help you summon the Poro King who will heal your team, regen mana, deal damage to enemies and just be awesome in general.

Minions have also got a holiday makeover… Well you can’t storm towers when you’re cold now can you?


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