Lawbreakers Gameplay Reveal

lawbreakersThis week, Cliff Bleszinski and his studio at Bosskey Productions revealed their new competitive First Person Shooter, Lawbreakers. On Friday, we finally got a chance to see the gameplay in action. Come take a look.

Lawbreakers will be a 5 versus 5 free-to-play shooter on PC, and is set on a futuristic fictional Earth, where the moon has been destroyed and our gravity is now what it used to be. Taking advantage of jetpacks, grappling hooks and rocket jumping, navigate the game’s maps, paying close attention to the verticality available to you.

In the trailer, we see some of the characters and the roles they play. Kitsune the assassin, Breacher the gunner, Maverick the skirmisher, and Cronos the titan. We expect to see more in the future, but from the trailer, you can see that there’s a lot of variety in playstyles to find one that suits your tastes.

The weapons range from assault rifles that we would be familiar with, along with futuristic weapons such as lasers, electricity bolts, and melee weapons such as charged up blades, pounding fists and something that looks like a close combat ‘Force push’.

It’s certainly looking like an interesting game coming from the creator of Gears of War, and with Unreal Tournament also offering free-to-play access, will Lawbreakers prove to be good competition, or an interesting alternative?

[Source: Youtube]

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