Latest Watch Dogs 2 gameplay

watch dogs 2One of this year’s big releases amongst the juggernaut titles is Watch Dogs 2. Despite the fact it’s being supported by a large amount of marketing, it may be eclipsed by those other big titles for many. Another thing, is that people might still feel afraid to commit to it, after feeling let down by the first game in 2014.

Sure, the new one looks great, but so did the first game…before it released. Watch Dogs 2 changes up the cast, the location, the visuals, and the number of activities available to players, as well as your abilities, and it really does look like a good time. Ubisoft learned a lesson in 2014, and would they dare make the same mistake again, or take another risk?

In the following video below, Youtuber Arekkz, who would have covered a lot of The Division content before its release, as well as other games this year in particular, gives his thoughts after playing it at a demo event. The premise is still a good one, the world looks like a fun place to explore, and while improving on every aspect of the previous game, are you able to sum up enough trust to jump in again?

Watch Dogs 2 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 15th. Will you be hacking your way around San Francisco this year, or are you afraid to take the risk again yourself?

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