Latest Sea of Thieves gameplay looks a (cannon) blast

sea of thievesHead of Xbox, Phil Spencer joined the crew at Rare to take part in another closed beta testing of Sea of Thieves, an Xbox One and Windows 10 title that looks like an absolute blast in terms of social gameplay. This 10 minute snippet of gameplay follows a few crews on their wild adventures to find loot.

The opening footage shows a cast of Phil Spencer, Mike Chapman, design director and Shelly Preston, senior designer of Sea of Thieves searching an island for rumoured loot, following their maps. As they approach the top of the cliffs, they notice another ship headed in their direction. Panic and suspense soon kicks in, as the crew run back to their ship to prepare for an imminent attack!

In the second clip, halfway through the video, we see another crew out at sea, in the gorgeous sunny environments, approaching what looks like an idol ship, until it begins to open fire. A battle breaks out as both crews gather cannon balls to fire at one another, until there is only one ship left standing. It all just looks like a tonne of fun, requiring full communication and co-operation with your fellow shipmates.

While a solid release has yet to be confirmed, it is still slated for a 2017 launch. I wouldn’t be too surprised if it’s delayed into early 2018 to avoid the November rush of AAA titles. It would certainly be the safest bet.

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