Latest Pokémon GO update makes some obscure changes

pikachu pokemon goPokémon GO has headlined the news for the most part in the past few weeks. If not a news article, it’s stories and screengrabs from friends on social media, showing off their catches and their gym victories. It has been great, except for those who have a strong dislike for people having fun, or Pokémon. A new update this week has now pushed out, making a few weird changes that fans will certainly argue about, which don’t exactly make the experience any better than it has been since its rocky launch.

The first big noticeable change is to the nearby Pokémon feature. What started out as a decent one step, two step, three step locator for nearby monsters, soon turned into a mess which saw all nearby Pokémon as being three foot prints away. Now, to ‘fix’ this, Niantic have all but taken away the footsteps. Reports say you can’t even highlight a particular Pokémon to hunt down either. What the heck?!

Another big change is that Pokémon tracker websites, primarily third party, no longer work with Pokémon GO. Some of these websites were premium services, meaning a lot of players have lost some money in the process. In Niantic’s defence, they didn’t support these websites and with their own game, they’re allowed to do what they want. I didn’t take advantage of these services personally, as I see them as a strategy guide, and I don’t use those when playing any other game.

The scanning radius has been decreased from around 100 metres to 70 metres, meaning you will have to walk a little more in order to discover more Pokémon. However, once the Pokémon appears on your screen, your ‘reaching distance’ has been increased, so you don’t need to walk as far in order to try catch it.

Various new health and safety warnings will crop up on your screen while you play the game. It’s not the same one each time, but based on what we’ve read online and in local newspapers about the game and the injuries or private property invasion that has taken place, these warnings go along the same lines.

Expect to see “don’t Pokémon Go and drive”, “don’t trespass”, “Remember to stay alert” and “don’t go to dangerous places”. You know this will still happen, but at least Niantic are covering all bases and can’t take responsibility.

pokemon go apokelypse

Weirdly, and who can explain this one, but the Battery Saver Mode has been removed from the game entirely. While the game consumes a lot of battery in a short space of time, it was possible to save some of it by flicking on the battery saving option in the settings each time you start up the game. This is no longer available, and again, why?

The transfer button has also been moved, so if you can’t find it, don’t panic! It’s now a little orb type thing in the bottom right of your screen when viewing your Pokémon. See it? Now relax!

Are you still Poké hunting? Catch anything you want to tell the world about? Have you burned a few more calories than usual in the past few weeks?

[Source: Digital Spy]

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