Kubo and the Two Strings Review

Kubo and the Two StringsWe have our front-runner for the best animated movie of 2016. Kubo and the Two Strings is a superbly crafted movie filled with emotion, meaning, and sacrifice. It’s an animated movie that might be directed toward kids but isn’t necessarily meant for that demographic. Anyone can watch and enjoy this movie, just don’t be prepared to see a happy movie. Kubo is set is a stunning world that has a morose undertone but a touching purpose to it that helps elicit all emotions. For this. Kubo and the Two Strings is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

This movie addresses that the story is the key element that plays throughout. This pertains to the story of Kubo, his parents, his enemies, and how they all intertwine. It explores life and death in astounding ways that I haven’t seen many animated movies do. It’s accompanied by some gorgeous animation and a lively world full of unique background characters. The story focuses on family and that’s when it shines best. Excellent performances are boasted by all actors and actresses involved, especially Kubo and his mother.

The story is the focal point in the movie. This revolves around some symbolism through imagery and character transformations. Something I scratched my head on was the title of the movie as Kubo is the main point but “two strings” are only present for less than ten seconds. However, those ten seconds are incredibly pivotal and this movie becomes so much more meaningful. Pieces of the plot are scattered throughout until they all come together near the end and the emphasis of “together” and “belonging” are what the core of the movie is about.

It’s difficult to talk about Kubo because getting into what makes the movie great requires spoilers. The plot is crafted in a great and rewarding way for the viewer. During this journey there are some slips of dialogue and some puzzling character moments. Great dialogue is just as present as clich√© dialogue is. This makes some moments brilliant and others bland. But at the sum of its parts, Kubo is an excellent animated movie that helps save this summer season from complete mediocrity. It’s a high recommendation on my list and you may even see it in my top ten by years end.

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