Konami disgracefully scrub Kojima Productions from Metal Gear Solid 5 box art

metal gear solid 5Imagine the scene; you created your first video game in 1987, and in 1998, it completely blows up to be one of gaming’s leading icons in the industry, with the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Fast forward to 2015, and before your latest game even comes out, the publisher erases your name and your studio, the team who are currently making the game, from the final box art that will hit shelves. Konami….

It comes as no surprise either, at this stage, with Konami and Hideo Kojima going through a massive fallout, a lot of which hasn’t been explained either. From the cancelation of Silent Hills, the removal of Kojima Productions from Metal Gear’s website, to the removal of the studio’s name on previously released titles, Konami have it in for Kojima.

metal gearThe game will of course still hit the shelves, and we doubt Kojima will keep this under wraps following the game’s release, but until then, it seems that the game’s development will run its course until it’s done, and we might just expect to find some hilarious, tongue-in-cheek easter eggs about the whole thing. Who knows, maybe the most memorable parts of The Phantom Pain will relate to the easter eggs, and not the actual story itself?

It’s a harsh move by Konami, who will still retain the IP after Kojima and co go their separate ways, and we don’t know what Kojima will do next either. We do know that Konami insist on focusing on the mobile market, but say they will still release console titles, most likely in the form of Pro Evolution Soccer and perhaps Castlevania.

Kevin, our diehard Metal Gear fan, had a good rant about Konami back in April, so if you want to refresh your mind on the whole Konami/Kojima fiasco, why not have a read of it again?

[Source: NeoGaf]

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