Konami apologises for unstable Metal Gear Online launch

metal gear onlineWith Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain launching with connectivity issues in its single player campaign, it wasn’t too surprising when fans discovered the same connectivity issues with the recently released Metal Gear Online multiplayer mode. Konami have apologised for its unstable release.

“We hereby apologise sincerely for the connection, as well as matching stability issues recurring since the MGO service started, that may have caused inconveniences,” the publisher stated on itsJapanese site before noting that “the service is currently stable.”

Eurogamer reports that “to compensate players for their troubles, Konami has distributed 3000GP to all players and the XP Boost bonus (redeemed via code for the Day One Edition or bundled with digital copies) has been extended from two weeks to three.”

“We will continue to improve so that your experience is more pleasant,” Konami added. I personally haven’t played Metal Gear Solid V or Metal Gear Online but apparently host migration – or lack of – is one of the biggest issues with the Online mode. If the host of the competitive match quits, all players are kicked out as well, with no gains to any player for taking part.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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