Would you kindly buy the Bioshock Collection all over again?

bioshockBack in February, a Bioshock Collection for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One came about on a Brazilian ratings board. Again, the Bioshock Collection has reared its head out of the water on a Taiwanese ratings board, the same one that outed Rocket League for Xbox One.

A man has a choice. Do you rebuy a collection of remastered games again, if they’ve even been remastered? The Taiwanese ratings board stated that the game would be available on both consoles as well as PC. It also says that the collection will feature “violence, alcohol, improper speech”. Sounds about right. Hopefully they are remastered though, otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity for those who have yet to even play the series. Even still, we don’t know what will feature in the collection. The poster shows Rapture under the sea, and Columbia in the clouds. Is Bioshock 2 included?

I have to say though, the box art is gorgeous, and would make for an excelling poster, wouldn’t it?

[Source: Twitter]

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