Killer Instinct fan survey suggests more cameos

perfect dark killer instinctA recent Killer Instinct fan survey doing the rounds has hinted at what characters we may see added to the game in the future. This season, we got Halo’s Arbiter, Battletoad’s Rash and Gears of War’s General Raam, but who else could Iron Galaxy potentially add into the mix for Season 4?

The survey lists a bunch of various names, featuring characters from Killer Instinct lore and some characters from other Xbox/Rare franchises, including Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark, one of the Agents from Crackdown, and a Brute from Halo.

Whether any or all of these characters make it into the fourth season of Killer Instinct is unknown, but judging by the success and acceptance of the previous guest characters, I imagine these will be featured at the top of the feedback list. Who doesn’t want a character from another game featuring in a fighting game anyway? We’ve all dreamt it up at some point in our lives, and Killer Instinct seems to be the game that’s doing it.

killer instinct fan surveyHere’s the trailer for General Raam, if you missed it the first time around.

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