Killer Instinct Definitive Edition listed online

killer instinct season 3Killer Instinct Definitive Edition has started to appear on various online retailers, suggesting a September 20th release date on Xbox One (possibly Windows 10 too). The game will include all content found to date in Season 1 to 3, which is now just coming to a close.

The Killer Instinct Definitive Edition will contain all currently released 26 characters, as well as a few other neat additions such as Killer Instinct Classic 1 and 2 (the old arcade games), the Killer Instinct Original Soundtrack, and a bonus skin pack called Gold Gargos. It will also include the 20 stages, which have since been updated quite a bit since the game’s original launch back in 2013.

killer instinct definitive editionThe bundle is set to cost $40 or your regional equivalent, and that will save you quite some money. Considering the fact that each of the seasons cost roughly $20, this bundle is ideal for anyone who was holding out, but had an eye on it for some time.

Don’t hold your breath however, if that’s what you were going to do for some reason. A fourth season is most definitely on the cards, with a recent hint suggesting that more cameos/guest characters are on the way, including those from Perfect Dark and even Crackdown!

[Source: Newegg]

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