What Kids will do to Catch’em all

pokemon collector cardsHello everyone,  today the focus is going to be online shopping, and the lengths that some children will go to get presents. During the Christmas season , one Arkansas youth decided she would get the Pokemon presents that she wanted, regardless of what her parents would buy her. This 6 year-old troublemaker managed to bypass her parent’s phone security and order around $250 of Pokemon merchandise.

Now as many of you may have already known, both Google and Apple have been reinforcing the security that prevents their apps from making purchases. Which is mainly due to the numerous complaints from both parents and the Federal Trade Commission in regards to the ease of purchasing micro-transactions, as many children could rack up large bills unknowingly.  As both Google and Apple have been amenable to giving refunds on some of these incidents, they decided tighter security would be a better option than dealing with every incident. As such they’ve introduced multiple pay walls, parental modes where purchases can’t be made while in that mode, and extra locks, such as passwords and fingerprints.Pokemon Go Plus

In the case of this Arkansas family, the parents had an Amazon account that could only put purchases through with the thumbprint of the mother. Now for you and me, that most likely seems like enough to keep your wallet safe, but not in every case. While her mother slept, young Ashlynd took her mother’s phone and put it to her thumb so that she could buy all the presents she wanted for Christmas.amazon black friday deals

Now, little Ashlynd was caught by her parents, and 4 of the 6 gifts received were able to be returned thankfully. The parents have reportedly told Ashlynd that Santa now knows about her little scheme and wouldn’t be bringing all of the gifts that she ordered… Nice little bit of cheeky parent humour there. 

All in all, it’s interesting to see the lengths (and ingenuity) that children can go to get what they want. As much as you want to be angry at a child that does this, I’d be a little proud that my child managed to accomplish this. So long as they didn’t do it again.

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